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Member ANVR or SGR

I receive today the question; "If I am enrolled in a ANVR or SGR.". I understand the question completely and you can imagine that question shall definitely seen some unpleasant incidents from previous years, in which a number of persons cottages offered at low prices, and this did not appear to exist on arrival! 

I will try to explain why I am not a member;

Guest in Tuscany is not affiliated with ANVR and SGR. The financial barriers are a small independent, as I quite high and it is difficult to meet the conditions ANVR workers to comply: (quote ANVR site) - achieves travel businesses with annual revenues of at least € 500,000 score in Tuscany here comes nowhere near after not. This shows all dates are not open to all agencies and concludes small independent companies. ANVR does prevent or agencies to be a member required. This is not the case. ANVR is an interest group for 'larger' agencies and acts more as a consumer authority. You can not book package holidays with me but only the homes. By the way I work, I offer my clients a good guarantee against any bankruptcy,

I hope it has become clear a little like this why I am not a member / can these organizations. If you still have doubts then I always have several patrons of "Guest in Tuscany" who will stand in for me and you can always call or email.

I have been working for nearly 16 years with great enthusiasm and the desire vacation and experience of the guest is always with me in the first place. Fortunately, there are many people who are just as excited as I am about Italy and who regularly come back as "Guest" in Tuscany. 

Yours sincerely,

Guest in Tuscany

Addy van Zoest the Guest