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In Switzerland and Austria should take account of users waiting for long tunnels.

Look here before traveling to the next page may have potential to prevent many traffic jams.

Driving and bottlenecks in the Gotthard Tunnel

The A2 Basel-Luzern-Chiasso is one of the main north-south axis in the Alps. Many tourists choose this tunnel on the way to their holiday in Italy. There are also many kilometers of files.

The most obvious diversion via the A13, the route through San Bernardino, sometimes delivers many difficulties. During the week, but also during the weekend, the traffic here is sometimes very slow. It is, like the Gotthard Tunnel, a tunnel with only 1 lane in each direction.

The alternatives:

Through Switzerland

     * Lötschberg Auto Train (Kandersteg-Iselle) / Simplon.

     * The A1/A12 Basel - Bern - Grand St. Bernard (tunnel)

Through Austria

     * The A12/A13 Brenner motorway

Through France

     * The Mont Blanc Tunnel (Metz-Nancy-Dijon-Bourg en Bresse-Chamonix)


Everyone should keep a minimum distance of 150 meter with the lead vehicle and a speed of 70 km / h. This will allow the users of the tunnel take into account delays and heavy congestion. Freight traffic drop by drop (2 trucks per minute per direction) by left and must take account of delays.

The Gotthard tunnel is being provided with a new tube ... railway. The reason.... to reduce the number of trucks and goods by rail through the Alps to bring. The completion of the tunnel is scheduled for 2014. Even many years of traffic misery here will therefore precede.