Travel by train


Euro Express Train Charter (Auto Train) now also run from Livorno. Luxury car at the station in Den Bosch leave the train to Tuscany. All amenities are available on board. At first we could only travel to Bologna but now Starting now to Livorno, for further information see

Auto Trains

In Switzerland you can put the car on the train routes and thus difficult to bridge. Prices subject to change .... You can always pay in Euros, but change is in the Swiss Franc against a very unfavorable rate.

     * Albula-car train between Thusis and Samedan, duration 80 minutes, weekdays 130 ZF 145 ZF weekend. Per person also has 24 ZF

     * Lötschberg-car train between Kandersteg and Goppenstein, between 05 and 24 hours, 15 minutes duration, summer and winter 20 ZF (+ car occupants). In this weekend worddt ZF 25.

     * * NEW * Kandersteg - Iselle (Italy), duration 60 minutes, summer and winter 90 ZF (+ car occupants) RESERVATIONS (via travel agent) NECESSARY.

     * Oberalp-car train between Sedrun and Andermatt, between 06 and 21 hours, 60 minutes duration, car ZF 65, ZF 10.40 persons. RESERVATIONS (via travel agent) NECESSARY.

     * Furka car-train between Realp and Oberwald, between 06 and 21 hours, 20 minutes duration, 30 ZF (+ car occupants).

     * Vereina-car train between Selfranga (Klosters) and Sagliains (Lavin), between 06 and 20 hours, 20 minutes duration, summer 27 ZF, 35 ZF winter (+ car occupants).

     * Simplon Tunnel between the Swiss and Italian Iselle Brig. A ride on trains every ten working days. On weekends you nine times a day through the tunnel. The price for one passenger is 19 ZF