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Traveling by car

In Switzerland and Austria road users should take account of long waits for tunnels. 
Look before you travel as the next page perhaps can avoid this much congestion.

Driving and bottlenecks in the Gotthard Tunnel 
The A2 Basel-Lucerne-Chiasso is one of the main north-south connections in the Alps. Many tourists choose this tunnel on the way to their destination in Italy. Here are therefore often kilometers long traffic jams. 
The most obvious diversion via the A13, the route through the San Bernardino Tunnel, sometimes produces many difficulties. During the week, but on weekends, the traffic here is sometimes very slow. It is, after all, as the Gotthard tunnel, a tunnel with only one lane in each direction.
The alternatives:

through Switzerland
The Lötschberg car train (Kandersteg-Iselle) / Simplon direct link
A1 / A12 Basel - Bern - Grand Saint Bernard (tunnel)
through Austria
de A12 / A13 Brenner motorway

through France
of Montblanctunnel (Metz-Nancy-Dijon-Bourg en Bresse-Chamonix)
Everyone needs to keep a minimum distance of 150 meters with the vehicle in front and the speed limit to 70 km / h. As a result, the users will have to take account of the tunnel with strong delays and traffic jams. Road freight is added dropwise (2 trucks per minute in each direction) to pass through and must take into account waiting times. 
The Gotthardtunnel is currently being provided with a new tube ... to train traffic. The aim is thus to reduce the number of trucks and transporting goods by rail through the Alps. The completion of the tunnel is planned for 2014. Yet many years of traffic misery will therefore precede this.
Summer and winter bottlenecks
A1 Zurich - Bern
A1 / A6 / A12 near Bern
A1 / A2 between the nodes and Härkingen Zofingen
A2 Basel - Luzern - Chiassot.hv the StGotthardtunnel
A3 in the vicinity of Zurich
A9 Lausanne - Sion near Lausanne
A13 Bellinzona - Sargans near Sankt Margrethen and the San Bernardino Tunnel.
Grensovergangen Basel (D), Kreuzlingen (D), SanktMargarethen (AU), Chiasso (I), Bardonnex (F)

Verlaadstations car trains
Winter Closure some mountain passes are valid during May holiday 
Besides the name of the pass you find the route and dates of the normal winter closure:
Albula (Tiefencastel-La Punt) from 31/10 to 01/06
Col de la Croix (Diablerets-Bex) of 1/11 to 15/04
Fluela from 30/11 to 31/5 (is replaced by Vereina-car train.)
Furka (Hospental-Ulrichen) of 31/10 to 01/06
Grimsel (Gletsch-Innertkirchen) of 15/10 to 15/06
Great Saint Bernard (Tunnel Cerisey) from 15/10 to 01/06
Klausen (Altdorf-Linthal) of 31/10 to 15/5
Lukmanier (Disentis-Biasca) of 30/11 to 15/05
Nufenen (Airolo-Ulrichen) of 31/10 to 01/07 (night closure)
Sankt Gotthard (Amsteg-Biasca) of 15/11 to 15/5
Sustenpas (closure at night)
Oberalp (Disentis-Andermatt) of 15/11 to 15/05
San Bernardino (Hinterrhein-Soazza) from 31/10 to 01/05
Splügen (Splügen-Chiavenna) of 31/10 to 01/01: crossing point between 22 and 06 hours (closed from 1/6 to 30/9 of 24 to 05 hours)
Susten (Innertkirchen-Washing) of 15/10 to 15/06
Umbrail (Santa Maria - Stelvio) from 15/11 to 15/05